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Laws of the Universe – Fact Or Fiction

November 15th, 2011

There is so much information on “The Laws of the Universe” these days. What is all the hype about? Is it true that we create the world around us as we know it? Is it True that our “Belief System” determines our decision making thus creating our circumstances be they good or bad? Where does our “Belief System” come from anyway? What are these so called “Laws” and why should we pay attention to them? If there are such “Laws” how do we put them in effect to work for us instead of against us?

In order to understand what the Hype is about let’s start with some definitions of what our “Belief System” is and what the “Laws of the Universe” is.

Belief System – beliefs are formed through our lives through our parents, grandparents, teachers, friends anyone who had an influence on us as we were growing up. This is what you believe to be true, the way in which you think things are.

The Laws of the Universe are the laws that govern what we have in life.

Laws of the Universe – there are Six main Laws that you should be aware of and focus on, for these laws determines what we have in life whether good or bad. These laws are working for you are against you. It doesn’t matter if you believe them to be true or not, they are working in your life.

1) The Law of Attraction
2) The Law of Vibration
3) The Law of Cause and Effect (Karma)
4) The Law of Gratitude
5) The Law of Love
6) The Law of Allowance

Let’s look at these individually and see just what they are.

First, we must realize that these laws cannot be seen in isolation. Each law is affected or is influenced by another Law. They are all interrelated as one closed system. So, to get the most out of these Laws you must have them all working for you.

The Law of Attraction this Law is the most talked about so let’s explore a little deeper into the meaning of this Law. Simply stated The Law of Attraction is all about cause and effect. It states that whatever you focus your attention on sufficiently you will manifest it in your life. Everything and Everyone that is in your life you have attracted to you. Even though you have done this unconsciously it is still a fact. You can change the direction of your life by starting to focus on the things you want instead of the things you don’t want.

The Law of Vibration states that everything existent in the universe vibrates. Let’s look at this closer, first let me explain vibration, vibration is the movement of something between two points, two polarities, two extremes. The rate at which something moves between the two points is called the “Frequency”

Everything in the universe is Energy moving according to a particular Frequency. Understand that everything is a vibration or frequency, but with our human five senses (hear, taste, touch, smell and sight) we can only perceive a very small range of frequencies. Considering there are an infinite number of possible frequencies, as humans we are very limited in our perception with our five senses, as we can only pick up a very small proportion of all possible frequencies.

For this reason we can’t see “thoughts and we cannot ‘see’ how our thoughts and emotions affect the universe and what comes to us. Truth is that everything in the universe vibrates. The way Law of Attraction works is through a process called “vibrational magnetism”.

It is impossible to understand the Law of Attraction unless you understand the Law of Vibration. It is through the Vibrational Magnetism that like attracts like and thus through which the Law of Attraction works.

The Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) states that for everything you do there is a result. This Law is easier to understand if you think about the Law of Vibration, what you send out immediately affects the whole universe. The vibration you send out attracts a like vibration. And something be it a person, a thought, a hunch, or another energy pattern vibrating at a similar frequency will come to you. If you want to make drastic changes in your life learn and understand these laws and change your vibrating frequencies (thoughts) and focus on the positive for positive thoughts and emotions will bring back positive changes in your life. Remember, that every circumstance that you encounter has a gift within. Find the gift (positive in the situation) and focus on that.

The Law of Gratitude we must feel a true gratitude for what we have in our life in the right here and now before we can ever expect to have more. When you feel grateful for what you have, you are happy. In feeling happy and grateful, you exert one of the most positive emotions possible. In this way, you send out a high frequency of positive energy vibration. Your body will be sending out these high frequencies all the time which creates the most ideal circumstances for the Law of Attraction to be applied in attracting more high frequency energy into your life.

If you don’t know where to start in applying the Law of Attraction in your life The Law of Gratitude is a great place to start. You have the choice in feeling happy and grateful for who you are and what you have in your life. The problem is people generally have a hard time feeling grateful for their current situation and circumstances.

So how do you turn your thoughts and emotions around to set the stage for the Law of Attraction to work in your life?

By being happy now and grateful for what you have.

The Law of Love

The Law of Love is not what you may think, it’s not the love you feel for the opposite sex, when you’re infatuated with someone. Let’s think back about the Law of Vibration, everything in the Universe is a Vibration, therefore everything in the Universe has two extreme points, there is a point in between, the middle that is always neutral, a balance of frequencies, a balance of all. That balance is what Love really is, that is what the universe is. The Universe is Love, You are Love.

You are a unique point of perception in the universe. You give the universe a unique experience and so does everyone else. We all make up the universe, being we are all one with the universe. Remember we are all energy. We are each experiencing life as if we are separate from the universe bringing in our own unique perception to the whole. In the End everything is just balance. Everything is just Love. Everything starts and ends at Love. You, everyone and everything is Love. The separations manifested in the form of ‘frequencies’ and ‘vibrations’, are only an illusion put up to allow for the experience of separation, to allow for learning, growing and evolving.

The closer you move toward this balance, the more you live according to the Law of Love, the greater your conscious attraction will be. There is a false belief that 95% of humanity holds to be true and that is the Belief in Scarcity. But let me ask you one question and really think about this. How can there be Scarcity in an infinite universe, this infinite pool of unlimited frequency and wavelength variances? There cannot be, for scarcity equals limitation. That is why the only way to have lack or scarcity in your life is to focus on it. Remember, like attracts like. What you focus on is what life gives you. So, choose the alternative. Realize you are the creator of your own life; focus on abundance, for that Universal Love is abundance. (The Law of Abundance)

The Law of Allowance applied after you have applied all other Universal Laws will amplify you application of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Allowance must be applied to complete the cycle.
This Law has two equally important aspects to it.

First you must love yourself enough, to allow yourself to deserve the good things you want in your life. When you do this you open yourself up for the good vibrations to be allowed to come into your life.

Second once this happens, once you allow these good vibrations and things to come into your life, then be grateful for it. Always thank the person that gave you something nice, don’t be shy. In this way you are thanking the universe. If there is no person involved is this good happening in your life then thank the Universe.

When asking the universe for your desire don’t try to control how it will come to pass. Your only duty is to recognize the opportunities, people, experiences, gut feelings, inspirations; thoughts are whatever form the universe brings it to you. Do not try and make up a way for the universe to bring it to you and then sit and wait for it to happen. It will not happen that way. You will never stop waiting. Trust the Universe, trust that it knows the absolute best way, recognize the things you should act upon and don’t forget to ACT.

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The 48 Laws of Power Through Spirituality

November 15th, 2011

There are those of us that would like to succeed in life, but that do not want to do so at the expense of our morals and values. While others seek power through intimidation, fear, scape-goating and guilt, we choose to pursue success through the strength of our efforts, the quality of our work, the compassion for our staff, teammates, and management, and the support of our families. It is for you that the following has been written. Here are your laws, which are morally, ethically and spiritually-based. These are “The 48 Laws of Power Through Spirituality.”

Law 1: Always be honest with yourself and others
In being honest with yourself, you know when you are doing your best and the areas you need to immediately improve. In being honest with others, and knowing when to best share that honesty, you develop a reputation in your company and industry as someone that deals in reality, and as someone that generates real results.

Law 2: Assume responsibility for every aspect of your life
If you take responsibility for it, you have the power to change it. You cannot change that which you do not own.

Law 3: Bring simplicity, patience and compassion to all that you do
These 3 keys are the simplest ways to bring a sense of peace, assertiveness, control and flow to every area of your life every single day.

Law 4: Bullet Proof Your Ego
When reaching for power, you will need tough skin. You will be a target for many who want to hurt your image to improve theirs. Also, when you have a bullet proof ego, you no longer have the need to prove yourself to others. You do what you do because you choose to do it.

Law 5: Let go of your E.G.O.
After you bullet proof it, it’s time to evolve and let it go. Ego is an acronym, meaning, “Edging God Out”. Invest you thoughts into yourself as a soul instead of an ego that requires constant validation through titles, material possessions and money. You’ll never be happy satisfying the ego. You will only find happiness when you recognize who you are as spiritual energy.

Law 6: Connect with Everyone
Spiritual people know that spiritual energy is everywhere, including within each and every one of us. Connect with the spiritual part of everyone and respect them at that level. You are them and they are you.

Law 7: Control what is under your control
Most people spend their time, attention and focus on that which they do not control. Make sure your house is in order before peeking into your neighbor’s yard!

Law 8: Create frames of reference rooted in abundance, opportunity, and positive intension
Everyday, we are surrounded by media, people and circumstances designed to keep us thinking about scarcity, victimization, and revenge. You can pull people into a more receptive frame through influence, however. In doings so, you create building partners that are invested in your success together.

Law 9: All emotions are based in love or fear
All thoughts are manifested in our physical bodies. Thought creates emotion. Thoughts based in fear tear down the body, mutate our cells, and lead us down a path of disease (dis-ease). Thoughts based in love build up the body, make us look and feel younger, and provide us clear vision for more of the same in the future. Which do you choose most of the time?

Law 10: Read “Evolve!: Live Spiritually Everyday, Everywhere, and in Every Way” by James LeGrand ( best selling author)
Know the playbook of spiritually based living to achieve prosperity, true happiness and peace

Law 11: Read the “48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene (best selling author)
Know the playbook of fear, intimidation, deception and guilt that is being used against you.

Law 12: Learn how to use brain
The 3 pounds of sponge like material between your ears is the greatest computer on earth, and it comes without an instruction manual. You have to learn how to program it in order to use it effectively. Learn about visualization, image streaming, mediation, photo reading, memory systems, systems of philosophy, the power of affirmations, and goal setting.

Law 13: Always have F.A.I.T.H.
Faith is an acronym, meaning “Facts Accepted In The Heart”. What are those facts? You are a spiritual being. You are loved unconditionally. There is nothing you can’t do. You are an individual expression of something greater than you can imagine, and thus you are greater than you can imagine yourself.

Law 14: Stop investing energy in F.E.A.R.
Fear is also an acronym, meaning “False Experiences Appearing Real”. It was once said that 95% of the life we live never happens. That 95% of experience happens in our minds only, as we think of every possible negative or unintended consequence we can generate. The remaining 5% is what actually happens in time and space. Rather than wasting your mental energy worrying about the things that may or may not happen, focus instead on what IS happening right now. Stop sacrificing your present worrying about things that 95% of the time won’t even occur.

Law 15: Get the right amounts of food, water, sleep and exercise
Common sense? Then why aren’t you doing it. Too busy? You’ll get more done in your day when you take care of these 4 essential areas of physical health. Don’t know how? Read, talk to people, search the internet and pick up a book or magazine. Plan to start next week? Next week never comes…start right here, right now. Commit. Commit to your own well being and then never look back.

Law 16: Catch people doing things right and reward them
That which gets rewarded gets repeated. Give your energy to the behavior you want to see more of, and starve the behavior you don’t want to see again of that energy.

Law 17: Become an incredible communicator
Your ability to communicate clearly, elegantly, and sincerely differentiates you from the masses. A genius level idea is nothing without the ability to properly express it.

Law 18: Create Win-Win-Win-Win Opportunities
For the best long term success, negotiate to win. However, negotiate to win for those you report to, those you negotiate with, their customers and yourself. You’ll find dedicated business partners when they know that you are out for everyone’s best interest and not just your own.

Law 19: Deal with all people at their level of perceiving the world
Auditory, visuals, feelers and intuitives. Expressives, dominants, internals and thinkers. Optomists, pessimists, dreamers and doers. Figure out how people perceive the world and then present data to them in their dominate style to speak their language and have the greatest influence.

Law 20: Determine the principles you wish to live your life by
When you know how you want to live, and do not veer from it, you live congruently through all aspects of your life. At home, at work, with friends or when confronted, you present the same individual…the person you chose to be through the selection of your principles for living.

Law 21: Determine your criteria for success before every new venture
By knowing what you define success to be, you will have a good idea of when you are complete. A big part of wisdom is knowing when to stop.

Law 22: Ensure reality IS the perception
If perception is reality, you must ensure that the truth of any situation is also the perception about it.

Law 23: Speak in public every chance you get
In doing so, you will be doing something most people are afraid to do, and will have a greater chance of presenting the truth, thus shaping perceptions about the work you and your team produces.

Law 24: Document Everything
They say that it’s not what’s true that matters, but what you can prove. If you are properly documenting, then you can prove the truth and not allow deception to reign supreme.

Law 25: Don’t let anyone steal your happiness
Happiness is a decision, regardless of what’s going on in your life at any given time. True happiness cannot be affected by external factors. You will then bring a sense of joy to everything that you do and experience. And when you enjoy what you do, you do everything better.

Law 26: Don’t stop until you succeed
There will be times when you’ll feel that you’ve taken a path that leads you away from your dream. You may feel that your dream is impossible or that you’ve failed. Remember that everything happens to bring you closer to what you want. Even the situations that seem to destroy all you’ve worked so hard for are bringing you closer to your dreams.

Law 27: Dream big
By the time many people graduate high school, they’ve already decided not to pursue their dreams. However, dreams motivate us towards our personal greatness. Dream big, dream often, and dream with the certainty that anything you dream is possible.

Law 28: Find something you love about everything that you do
Whether it be what you do, where you do it, whom you do it for, why you do it, or how you do it, when you love some aspect of what must be done, you do it more completely, with a sense of pride, and with better quality.

Law 29: Focus on questions rather than answers
When people think they know, they stop verifying, asking questions from other perspectives and thinking creatively. Answers stifle thinking and creativity. Don’t be one of these. Instead, keep your mind on questions, and know that there are always multiple ways to solve every query or challenge. Maintain the “beginner’s mind”. Never think to yourself that you are an expert that should stop asking and learning.

Law 30: Increase and express your personal authority
Link your personality authority to who you really are as a spiritual being. In doing so, you can express great personal authority. In a fear based society that loves to be led, you will have followers that want to be lead towards happiness and peace. Because you lead without the use of fear, you will be loved.

Law 31: In-spect what you ex-pect
Follow up on the tasks you’ve assigned ot others to ensure they are progressing in the direction you’ve outlined and in the timeframe you’ve determine to ensure the success of those that work for and with you. The worse time to learn that a task won’t be done is when it’s due.

Law 32: Learn from the past, but live in the present
Learn the lesson from past experiences, and then leave the experience in the past. The lesson you carry forward should always be based in unconditional love, positive intention, creation, and the greatest benefit. Then apply that lesson to the experience you are having here and now.

Law 33: Let others do the work and give them all of the credit
Your most valuable resources are the people that work with and for you. Assign tasks to your subordinates, ensure their success, and praise them publicly. They will spread good words about you and will want to work twice as hard for you next time, while you are viewed as the leader that brought them to success.

Law 34: Listen to understand
Understand the perspective of those communicating with you. Rather than listening with the intent to judge, listen with the intent to understand.

Law 35: Meditate
By meditating, you will grow in insight, manage stress, increase health, and be better able to predict the moves of others.

Law 36: Model successful people
Don’t make the mistake of taking advice from people that have not successfully done what you’ve set out to do. Learn from hose that have actually accomplished what you seek to accomplish, and then model their behavior.

Law 37: Never get mad at the same thing twice
No one can make you mad. People do what they do and we choose to be mad about them. When you get mad at a certain person or situation, ask yourself what it is about you that made this situation one that you got mad about. Then, never be mad at that situation, or any similar situations, again.

Law 38: Outline your unique selling proposition
What is the unique value you provide to your employer, customers, and business partners? Why should they want to be in business with you? What strengths can they count on you to provide each and every day? Your personal authority and intrinsic value will increase when you can honestly answer this question.

Law 39: Rather than complain, present potential solutions
When you complain, you are either asking someone else to solve the problem or you aren’t truly seeking a solution at all. By suggestion potential solutions, you are exercising your influence in the matter and are showing ownership and vested interest in the issue’s ultimate outcome.

Law 40: See all people as an extension of yourself
As human beings, is the janitor different than the CEO? Is the Senator different than the Barber? Respect people just because they exist. We all have the same types of families, dreams, fears, and daily challenges. In doing so, you will be able to speak with people of power with ease and comfort as their air of mystery and perceived authority disappear before your very eyes.

Law 41: Solve problems completely
We live in a world of shortcuts. We would rather cover up symptoms short term than to solve the problem completely for long term gain. In the short term, we seem fast, light and flexible. In the long term and in reality, we spend far too much time revisiting the same issues over and over again, thus wasting time, money and forward progress.

Law 42: Think multi-dimensionally
The more perspectives you understand, the more value you can add. Also, you can see the gaps in plans, how others may choose to attack you and how to block them BEFORE they strike.

Law 43: Under promise and over deliver
Managing expectations is critical. You are often judged based on the timeframes you provide for your own work or for the work of your team. Remember that delivering a project in 5 days that you said would take 6 is much better than delivering the same project in 5 days that you said would take 4. In the first scenario, you are a hero that delivers early and bests estimates. In the second, you are late and may not be trusted with the next critical deliverable. However, in either case, it took the same 5 days. The difference is the expectation that you set.

Law 44: View all things holistically
Never limit yourself to one point of view. Get to understand all of the possible views, and the benefits and detriments of each.

Law 45: What gets rewarded gets repeated
The actions you put your attention on are guaranteed to be repeated as attention, whether positive or negative is a reward. So, go out of your way to reward behavior you want to see more of and pay far less attention to the behavior you want to get rid of.

Law 46: Work for your subordinates rather than believing they work for you
Clear away their obstacles, provide clear guidance, keep them motivated, and be available to teach at all times. Their success is your success by default. Make them successful.

Law 47: Get advice from your spiritual source
The Bible, Quaran, the Torah, Bhagavad Gita, the Tao Te Ching, Buddhist texts…regardless of where you root your beliefs and personal philosophies, when you need advice, we often over look our foundational documents for the answers. Ghandi once said, “There is not question that the [Bhagavad] Gita cannot answer”. I believe that to be the case for all of these spiritual texts and many more. If you want to have some fun, read them all and you may find just how similar the advice is!

Law 48: Love the Unknown
We tend to take our past and project it onto our future. We do this so that the future has some familiarity about it when we think of it. However, when we do that, we tend to also project our fears, missteps, and failures onto the future as well. We end up living a cycle where the same themes, personalities and relationship types come back again and again. Look at your future as a clean white sheet of paper instead. It’s unknown, not yet written, and waiting for your instructions. You never have to repeat something you already experienced in the past again if you don’t want to do so. Love the unknown. See the emptiness of the future, and then write it yourself through your thoughts and actions today.

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